Wechat has many functions. Wechat has basic functions, such as send hold-to-talk voice messages, text messages, pictures and videos.  Wechat supports Wi-Fi and 4G data network. And it supports China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan and US Phone Number. Wechat has speakerphone. Gently press the button to speak. The other party will be able to receive the voice after the button release. Wechat can enjoy group chat up to 1000 people. What’s more, Wechat has many other attractive functions.


An app like Amazon ebay and so on, you can buy most things there, from a huge airplane to a tiny needle. It is also cheap and fast.

How to pay in China

As the alipay and the wechat pay have been popular in China, the developed countries have been left behind China in the development of  a cashless society. It  is predicted that mobile payments will soon replace card payments as the most common payment method worldwide, something that has already been realized in some big cities in China.



Most popular App

  1. How to registered an alipay acount as a foreigner.
  2. How to use the alipay.

Wechat pay

A social app also

  1. How to register and Wechat acount.
  2. How to use the Wechat pay.

Apple pay & other

Not so popular but still can use in many shops

Show you the other Payments apps in China.

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