Foods in China

Rice, noodle, dumplings or steamed stuffed bun, or the different characteristics cuisine in different province in China, There would be some delicious food you like

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Transportation in China

Driving in China, you can. The highway in China is now connected most cities. But you could choose another way to travel in China, That is the highspeed railway, over 300 km/h, and comfortable

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Popular Apps

Facebook in China?No, unfortunately, you cannot use facebook in China. But , you can use Wechat & Taobao in China, They are all wonderful apps, you can do most things with these apps

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How safe China is for foreign tourists?


China is one of the safest countries to travel around for both men and women. Generally, Chinese are very hospitable to foreigners, no matter what part of the world you are from. You can even walk on the street even in the midnight alone. Most of  the Chinese are warmhearted when you need help from them. Violent crimes in China are almost unheard of. The majority of problems are in regards to pick pockets. Keeping a close eye on your possessions you should have no problems.

A good rule of thumb is to keep all of your extra money, passports, and credit cards in a money belt or a pouch hidden underneath your clothing. Keep all other essentials like keys, spending cash, cameras and cell phones in your front pockets, so when walking through busy areas you can keep your hands in your pockets. This makes picking your pocket virtually impossible. If you are carrying a backpack or purse with you, keep it on the front of your body where you can keep an eye on it.


Chinese Culture Introduction from a social view